Wild Ones Smoky Mountains Chapter

Welcome to Wild Ones Smoky Mountains Chapter!

Wild Ones chapters are a space where like-minded people gather to support each other in learning about landscaping with native plants and to share with others in their communities and networks about why it’s important to reintroduce native plants into public and private gardens and how to go about doing it. Chapters are where change happens. We are excited to offer local residents the opportunity to expand their impact in the natural landscaping movement and help promote native plants!

The Wild Ones Smoky Mountains Chapter’s vision for East Tennessee in ten years is one of a restored and thriving ecosystem where native plants, wildlife, and communities coexist in harmony. We have identified strengths such as existing agencies, passion, partnerships, and financial incentives that can support our vision. However, we also acknowledge weaknesses, obstacles, and threats such as water pollution, lack of awareness, government bureaucracy, and misinformation that we need to overcome. Through education, community engagement, lobbying, and incentivizing sustainable practices, we can work towards achieving our vision within one year. By taking collective action and working together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for East Tennessee. Let’s dream big and make our vision a reality!

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